Post your favorite game recipes here. Include preparations like sausage, etc. Include any photos of the process if you have them ;) Enjoy !
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Lowes called and it was ready for pick up, went yesterday around 5pm
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By reaperman
Nice looking smoker. The next stop is the grocery store. Its easy to get lost in the "how too's" when looking online for smoking recipes and tips. I like to keep things simple, its easy to over do it with rubs and spices. I found the best for keeping rubs on any meat is to lightly spread mustard over the meat first. Mustard is almost all vinegar which will cook off so it has no bearing on taste whatsoever. It's simply there for the rub to stick to. I use a rubber, kitchen "paint brush" to apply the mustard with. One of my favorite rubs is called, Smoking guns. Keep us posted with mouth watering photos.
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did myself first smoke, it took 21.5 hrs it was a 12 pound pork shoulder, and it came out great.....I was very happy with the end result so was the family.
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By reaperman
Twelve pounder, that a big one. Twenty one hours at 220 or so degrees should have brought the internal temp to around 200. I know the temp likes to stall out around 170 degrees for what seems like eternity. To speed up the process you can always wrap it in foil without losing taste around the 170.

I normally put a Boston butt on about 8 or 9 pm and let it go all night. In the morning I'll mop some sauce on it and give it a couple of hrs to harden into a bark. From there, I will most likely wrap it in foil to finish it off around 200. I found out the butt can start to dry out a bit if I get to 200 inside temp without wrapping. The other thing I learned is its hard to mess up a piece of pork. I try to keep things simple, mustard, only one rub, and sauce brushed 10-12 hours later.

Don't ever pay more $$ for a boneless pork shoulder or Boston butt. After smoking that long, any bone simple slides right out in about 5 seconds.
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