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Looks like he used Scouting Assistant to make the video.
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By T-post
Our fearless leader and owner of Chasingame, Anthony, has written the Scouting Assistant software.
It's an awesome program for absolutely anything you would ever want to do with a bunch of photos on an SD card.
Awesome! Thx
I have had mine for a month now.
Things i like about it........great light metering. I dont get any pics that are to dark when under canopy. Color is perfect. Transition pics are the best i have seen. Throws a lot of light down range. No run away pics, sensing range is super.

Things i dont like......night pics are grainy. Also videos are grainy even the day ones. Hopefully there will be a update to fix that. Bushnell 466 beats it as far as video goes.

I normally use a cam for pics only. So other than quality of night pics i think it is a fantastic camera. And while the night pics are grainy you can see whats way out there because of the superior down range lighting.

I have never seen a perfect camera, as everyone i have seen has some kind of flaw. I agree with Anthony this is one good camera. I might get another one.
Another nice PA buck

Should be another good one.

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