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Why can't I find a trail cam that will do 60 second videos WITH decent audio? Seems like most cams have gone to MUCH shorter max video length, especially at night. Those that still have longer videos have crappy or non-existent audio. I have been buying up and using a few of the "old" (three years or so out of production) 14MP Bushnell Aggressors just because of the fact they will do up to 60 sec videos, with none of that useless "dynamic video" crap the newer Bushnell models have, but the audio is a joke. Not just a joke - it doesn't work at all.

I guess I got spoiled by my (really) old Uways that had great audio, even if the videos were not HD. Until you've seen and heard a video of a big gobbler in full strut gobbling his head off 20 times in a minute, or a hen fight, you haven't lived. The other day, the day before turkey season opened, I got a "boring" video (on my last surviving Uway) of two does standing in a field in the late afternoon. Nothing to see here, folks. But on the audio track there were a half dozen gobbles REALLY close by. Based on that, I set up on that gobbler the next morning and killed him. Now, THAT audio was some useful information.

Yes, I realize that 60 sec videos eat batteries, but that's not an issue for me as I can check my cams weekly if need be.

If anyone can recommend a cam that will meet my needs, my thanks in advance.
Thanks for the reply, Tinhorn. I tried a couple of Primos TruthCams 2 - 3 years ago, and while I thought at the time the audio was worthless (compared to the Uways I was using), so I sent them back, in hindsight they were still better than my newer Bushnells. Now I wish I had kept the Primos's. At least I could hear SOMETHING.

It just really bugs me that cam manufacturers can claim "video with audio" when in fact there is NO audio. Not just lousy audio, NONE. Apparently nobody cares about audio any more, so I guess I'm just ranting.

I'm at the point of just putting a bunch of cheap cams on feeders, setting them for 2 photo bursts, and forgetting about the "good old days".
The Browning spec Ops Extreme has the best day videos available. The sound is great and you can get the longer videos in the day. At night with that many leds getting hot and using juice they do limit it. The Stealth ds4k is also another good one with good sound.
Thanks for the replies, guys. Bowhtr1, I might give the Stealth a try. Does it do night videos up to 60 seconds? With good audio? I really love those night videos of big bucks raking out scrapes where you can hear the leaves rustling. I also think the longer night videos give you a better chance to really evaluate the racks. Thanks again.
The max night videos on the ds4k is 30 seconds. I have all mine set for 15 or 20 seconds in all my cams. You can get around this by setting your trip time down real low to 5 seconds.

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