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By RiverRat
So I decided to call Bushnell this afternoon to talk to them about their Bushnell Aggressor Cellular Camera. I want to put it where I have 3 cameras already but again they are 500+ miles from my house. The guy I talked to (John) was awesome! Not only did he answer my questions he answered questions I would have had after I had the camera. I can't remember the last time I was finished talking to customer service I left feeling with a warm and tingly feeling. :D

After looking at the coverage map it looks like the camera should work where I want to put it. I know there is a different Cellular Camera that might be more recommended here but I'm very wowed by Bushnell's Customer Service.

I need to check my Essential E2 camera again but I've been very pleased with it as well.

If anyone is running the Bushnell's Cellular Camera and has a sample of the low res pictures on the Bushnell web page that would be great to see thanks
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By bomar97
I'm glad to hear the customer service is good. The only company I've had great customer service from in the past was Leaf River .. and they are no longer around.
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