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By NCOBrian?
I have a Bushnell HD, 2012 model I believe. It takes great pics, but after a couple months out, it resets the date and time. Anyone seen this?
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By bowhtr1
Yep I had two do that everytime I turned them off and back on. They were under warranty so I had them replaced. It looks like you may just have to deal with it. I would check Bushnell for firmware updates.
By scdeerslayer
I think I have 6 of the 2012 bushnells and one of them does this randomly. Always a pain too because I don't realize it until I'm looking at the pictures.
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I have older Bushnell, one of favorite cameras, although, the menu goes in and out, I turn from setup to on and the dang camera still takes great pictures. Moral to story, check operation before canning the camera.
By red sled
Yes, some of my 2012-era Bushnells do the same thing. Even though they still take decent pics and video, and battery life seems to be quite good in these cameras, I think I'll be upgrading them soon.

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