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By avekevin
I am desperately trying to get wi-fi connectivity to my Moultrie camera. I've been looking at a few new options for my new Moultrie A-35. My old M880 camera (stolen...grrr!) supported the Eye-Fi card, but it was essentially useless due to very limited range. I am in an area with no cell coverage.

I've run across one solution that almost gets us there, except there's no USB input for the camera:

I also found a few promising solutions, but I am still investigating.

The first is a combination of a few products:
1. ... B01193XDOG
3. ... -usb-cable

The second is a simpler device, but may end up using more power: ... B0058DN1Q4

I should be able to pull power from my existing 12v Moultrie solar battery system. I am hoping to end up with a connection to the camera USB port and have the camera connect through the network with a remote file transfer device. I've not figure out the remote end yet...

Any thoughts or additional ideas?
Good luck with this project, it's been attempted many times but seems to always in end in frustration. Technology is always advancing so maybe you can figure something out.
By avekevin
I've done some more work, and I'm going toward a different solution now.

I am looking to place a small Raspberry PI computer next to the camera, powered by the existing solar panel. The Raspberry PI would be connected to the Moultrie camera using the USB port. Periodically, the R-Pi would wake up and transfer pictures from the camera to a network attached storage device (FTP? Not sure yet.)

Still some unknowns:
1) Real-world power requirements
2) Automation scripting on the R-Pi
3) Periodic wake-up and shutdown of the R-Pi device. I have a 5v timer in the loop now, unsure exactly how this will work yet.

Shutdown of the R-PI is needed for 2 reasons:
- Power savings
- Camera will not take pictures while it detects a connection on the USB port

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