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By mike martinez
I have an old Olympus Infinity 35mm that came w/ a Deercam 100...I still have the wiring, the camera will not rewind! I'm getting another comprehable camera like the OLympus Trip 505 as the Infinity is hard to find! Can I use the existing wiring for this and IF SO, can someone help with pics or something on where to solder the colored wiring to the trip 505 schematics????? May be peeing in the wind but I have to ask...........I'm a NOVICE and don't know what is what but I can follow a picture scheme!! THANKS
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By johnnydeerhunter
I have no idea but mabye someone out there does
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By Iowabucks
I don't know many of the hacks for the older 35mm cams, but i did post a thread on Jesse's Hunting site about it.

They seem to have alot of old school homebrewers on that site that can maybe come back with some info. I let you know if i get an answer. I would assume there is a hack. I think the 35mm cams are easier to hack than most digitals.

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