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By pigbuster
Im newly registered as of today, but I was wondering if anyone knew if I could modify my old Gamecam II that uses film, to a digital camera that could plug right into the existing motherboard on my old dinosaur?

Any help would be appreciated.

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By Anthony
I am thinking "not" but I moved this thread to homebrew in case someone there might have some thoughts... post pics and facts on your camera....

welcome to the forum by the way. :D
By trapper
I'm thinking Anthony's thinking right. The timing is different on digital. I have read this same questions on several homebrew forums over the years and the knowledgable old timers always say it can't be done.
By burns80y
As far as i know it can't be done. i tried it with an old Moultrie and sony dsc-600. I messed around with it for quite some time and it never worked.
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By Iowabucks
The 35mm cams have a board that just fires a signal to snap the picture.

A digital camera needs a board that can also turn the camera on and off and refresh the flash occationally.

this one is 698 to 2700

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