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By talks2elk
I have a HC 500 that the IR emitters when bad. 10 years old running 24/7 and it wore out :( . That's a pretty good run I think. I called CS and told them my problem. They said they could replace the IR with a standard set OR, I could replace it with a new updated IR with updated film ware . The updated IR is a gen 2 board. The same IR as the HF2. I said sure I would try it but I also would also like a new camera case as the old one was flaking off. Total deal was $55. The camera case was free. The camera looks and smells new ( it is new again) and those new IR's are super. Instead of 42 little emitters it now has 10 large ones. Suppose to use a lot less power. The best part is it's my old camera, I know exactly how it performs. Very happy here :D

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