I will post information about new releases as they are coming. Look for posts about each new release. Please do not post feature requests or support questions here.
I have added a new Photo Stamp feature to Scouting Assistant Professional edition. Anyone who is on Pro can download the beta and test it out.

For anyone who would like to purchase the Pro Edition now and test out this feature, please use the coupon code:


and receive a 50% discount on the Pro Edition purchase. This coupon is valid for the first 50 uses only. Thanks.

Store front item for Pro:
http://shop.scoutingassistant.com/Scout ... on-SAP.htm

The Stamp feature allows you to select an entire folder of photos or a set of photos from a playlist as the source for the stamper. You can then apply any combination of Date/Time, Moon Phase, Caption and Logo to the photos. It will also allow you to resize the photos while it stamps, create duplicates (ie not overwrite the originals), supply a separate output folder, and allow for a date/time stamp correction.

The date time correction allows you to input the correct date time for the first photo. It will then adjust all photos using the correection on the first photo. This is usefull if you had not set the date time correctly on your camera. You can even have SA Pro overwrite the stamp on your photos with a new one.

You will need to go into Settings and configure the Stamper Settings first. Then you can begin stamping.

I expect this feature may be more useful to home brewers who have photos with out a stamp however some may wish to use it to simply place a logo on the photos and resize them for emailing or uploading.

Download here:
http://www.scoutingassistant.com/beta/s ... tsetup.exe

I would appreciate any feed back I can get on this feature before I go into production with it. If anyone who is interested has some time please download and install this version and try it out. I have also modified the beta setup such that when you register using TRIAL you are on the Professional Edition. So if you want to trial this feature before you buy you can do that now.

Please respond to this topic with any feedback. If you find any bugs (unanticipated system features) please indicate those here and I will correct those.

Thanks in advance.

The Stamper Setup:

The Stamper Feature:
I have also modified the beta setup such that when you register using TRIAL you are on the Professional Edition. So if you want to trial this feature before you buy you can do that now.

A trial license will expire in 15 days but you can use all features of the Pro edition during the trial period including photo stamper.
Just so everyone knows, to try the program free for 15 days (TRIAL) go to the Scouting assistant site:


Click downloads and then click download to download the setup (for all versions). When the setup starts, Follow through the screens to finish. Launch Scouting Assistant and it will show the Registration Dialog.

Look in the lower right side of the page click on the radio button (Request Trial License) to obtain a Trial License and start a 15 day free trial. The License key code will be automatically entered in the box for you (you don't need to enter anything) and then proceed with testing the program.

However, if you wish to participate in the BETA, use the following link to download the setup instead of the downloads page on the main site (which is the standard procedure for all installs and upgrades).

Beta download:
http://www.scoutingassistant.com/beta/s ... tsetup.exe

Keep in mind the beta download still requires a valid registration (either you have already purchased the Pro edition or you have requested a Trial License)
Included in this beta release is another feature I added for a researcher in Alabama where on the Photo Playlists tab under Tool Box, I have added a new button called Extract Exif.

What this does is create a .csv file for all photos in the current media set. the columns of data are FileName, Date Time, Camera Make and Model. It includes headings which indicate which camera and location as well.

The researchers needed this information for an outside analysis they were doing.

When you dbl click a CSV file it will normally launch Excel or a spreadsheet program like excel.
I just uploaded a new BETA build v1.6.0.1. In this version it will search through a list of several possible date meta values to find one. We have determined that different cameras will use different meta tags to the store date/time. The new code will search through a list of possible ones and hopefully find one that has a date in it and use that to stamp and compute moon phase.

Use the same link above to download the setup. Just install on top of your current version. There is no need to uninstall or register again.
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