I will post information about new releases as they are coming. Look for posts about each new release. Please do not post feature requests or support questions here.
New with version (release today) is the finalization of two new features:

-User selectable Transitions (now alphabetized for easy selection)
-User selectable Sound track (user picks an audio file) for all photo video creations

Here is an example using these new features: (I used "Random Transitions")

<click to play>
Very cool stuff indeed, I was wondering if you were able to implement those features from the media player mode. :D
This latest update also fixed an issue I was having with the video previer player on the video creator screen, was getting a "sdl not loaded" error every time I would tried to preview a video. I guess I got a triple bonus today! :mrgreen:

Way to go Anthony!
Yup, I ment too but the last couple weeks have been crazy busy for me and I kinda figured it might have been another Vista issue similar to the others I was experiencing. All cool now!
Slay.Be sure to click the little box to add audio.My first one I did I forgot to check it and I didn't have any music.Clicked that little box and everything was fine after that.
The only file I found that was not compatable was a 24bit 96KHz FLAC encoded wav.

I tested with .mp3, .wav, .flac (16bit).

As David said, make sure you have the checkbox checked that tells it to use the soundtrack file.
Oh, gimme some time to get it right first. I am still experimenting with the program. I like it a lot, but Turkey hunting and grass mowing have slowed me up a lot. I promise I will post some stuff soon enough. I run on empty a lot working 12 hour night shifts. It dulls the mind.....lol
Done with them!


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