I will post information about new releases as they are coming. Look for posts about each new release. Please do not post feature requests or support questions here.

I need several more beta testers who are interested in using and testing the software fully over a period of weeks. I am willing to supply a free license of the Pro version to the beta testers. I would prefer someone here who uses cameras and participates in the forum and has time to do this.

This will take more time than 30 minutes. I need users who have the time to use it quite a bit over a couple of weeks.

Please respond if you are interested. I think 4 or 5 individuals who are not already beta testers will be sufficient. If you currently are a beta tester and are not on the Pro version, also contact me and I will give you a Pro license key.

What I will expect is that when you encounter a problem, you take notes as to how you produced the issue and then try to reproduce it and report to me these issues in email.

Also email any suggestions on how to improve what is there now.
Send me an email with all your personal data like name, phonen umber, etc in case we need to talk. I will email you the instructions and license key.

My email address is my forum user name + @chasingame.com
If you like I can lend a hand....unless you are looking for people have never beta tested the program before or those who havent use it?
Put my name down if you want, I'm pretty sure you already have all my info. ( I alreaddy have a copy of the Pro version)
i have been waiting for this new release but i want to pay the full price after using the bushnell coupon to support this site. i will be out of town next week and i never know where i will have to go. but the number one reason not to use me is that i am the dumbest person on this forum when it comes to tech. if you can not find anyone who knows what they are doing i would do it, i have been patiently waiting for the release, i have much material but the brains behind it is limited. if you get desperate p.m. me. truly hazelvillebucks
While I wont lay claim to being intelectually impaired, I am the type of fella that learns hands on with a little coaching. If it werent for that I would throw my name in the hat. I pick up things pretty well visually when I watch someone, but stumbling about on my own tends to leave me frustrated. I dont want to slow up anthony's evaluation of his beta release.
Got to disagree with you.I am the dumbest person on this forum. :mrgreen:
If I can do it anyone can.

i see a commerial here. but like slay says putting our worst minds onto something would delay it. i would rather see it be hazelvilleproof before trying to learn how to do it. truly hazelvillebucks
Dumber than dirt... That's me and the reason I haven't help Anthony on his testin' of any SA.... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Well the simple fact that you all seem to operate trailcams just fine and are able to use a computer to come to this forum and participate is discussions would seem to contradict the level of intelligence many or you are proclaiming. In any case I think we might be getting a little off topic here.

On a side note the Global Playlist feature is WAY COOL!

Anthony do you have a revision list of changes in this version you could email me so I can put some focus on those items while testing?
I have a couple of tester volunteers pending but before I get them on it, I have a few pressing issues already discovered that need fixing. Thats so far.

What I will do is start a topic specifically for providing a list of each issue found and its status (pending/resolved).
Video Adjustment Panel? Is this a new feature Anthony? I hope it is otherwise I'm going to feel silly for not having noticing it before...in any case being able to adjust the brightness, contrast and saturations of your videos on the fly is awesome.

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