I will post information about new releases as they are coming. Look for posts about each new release. Please do not post feature requests or support questions here.
Will this be the Pro model when its out of Beta? ....I was going to upgrade from Basic to Pro....
I just uploaded a newer beta version to the same location. This one now applies the custom titling/logo to video from video output.

Please beta testers keep testing and provide feedback here.
This one now applies the custom titling/logo to video from video output.
Huh?? I dont think I see anything different in the program so please explain a little more...

I will be heading up north for the weekend so I will continue testing when we import more media sets.
In other words whether you are creating a video from photos or videos the new logic now applies. Can you please email me the logo that caused the A/V and a screen shot of your settings at that time ?
I did email them.

I see what you mean, I guess I assumed it would work for videos since it was in the video encoder,,,,
I just fine tuned a few more issues with the new logo and titling. Can any of the guys that are beta testers please download this latest beta and use it some ? I would appreciate it!
Hey Anthony, I noticed that the logo background transparency doesnt seem to work on resolutions 640x480 and lower, do your latest tweaks correct this?
Photo mode or video mode ? and Yes I believe I have that fixed but please test it. I just tetsted photos into video at 320 and 640 with panel and logo and no issues here.
Both, works fine on 720&1080 but 640x480 and 320x240 it doesnt. I tried both jpg and bmp files.

*edit* I checked it performs the same in my Win7 64bit platform. Personally I dont need the transparency to work in the lower resolutions, it's just something I noticed and thought other users might have an issue with it.
I guess I really do need the logos to work on 640, forgot that I have some videos taken by a Spypoint BF7 cam that were recorded at that resolution.
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