I will post information about new releases as they are coming. Look for posts about each new release. Please do not post feature requests or support questions here.
Scouting Assistant Build September 12, 2012

• Added two new Video Creator format options to support MP4 and FLV video outputs. We found that the new MP4 output can produce crisper more fluid output at similar file sizes to the Microsoft MPEG4 format. The MP4 video files seem to be supported natively under Windows 7. If you find that you can’t play them back with Windows Media Player, you can most likely download and install the XVID Codec to provide playback. [All but FREE versions]

• Added a new HIGHEST quality setting on the Video Creator tab. Output quality is higher but it will be slower during encoding and produce larger output file sizes. [All but FREE versions]

• Implemented a new Video player component and DLL files to fix a problem during video playback of some videos where the sound track has a crackling/popping noise at volumes below 100%. [All but FREE versions]

Scouting Assistant Build September 07, 2012

• A new Settings Menu called Video Creation Settings was added. Use this page to configure whether to loop the audio track when the video is longer than the selected audio and to set up the titling and/or logo images to emboss onto video output. The user can select font, font size, font color, title placement, transparency and whether to use a background title pane. There is an optional image file or logo that can be placed in the video as well. Options include image transparency, background transparency, placement and scale.
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