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By Anthony
Scouting Assistant Build January 03, 2013

Added a new tool panel under the Motion Processing tab called Exclude Frames. The buttons on this panel allow you to select ranges of frames that you can exclude from a motion search either temporarily or permanently for this media set. You can always clear the excluded ranges and start over. This is different than setting the sensitivity during a motion search since it allows you to select periods or hours in a range that you can exclude from the motion search. [All Versions]

Note the excluded area in the photo below that is red. Even if frames in this range would normally be detected as a motion frame during a motion search they will be ignored. You can create one or more excluded ranges and save them so that future motion searches will use the excludes or you can clear them and start over.

This feature was suggested by a user and I felt it was a good one and put it in.

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