Use this forum to place requests for new features in Scouting Assistant. Please indicate what version you are on (includes "embedded" which ships with several manufacturers cameras)
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By Chachoze
I guess I'll be the first to post in this sub forum.

Anthony it would be great if you could put a setting in the general settings screen that controlled which date/time is displayed in the dropdown menu on the media import window. Either local computer D/T is displayed there or the D/T from the photo when it was taken, it defaults to the date the first photo in the set is taken.

Normally this wouldnt be an issue but sometimes it doesnt read the correct date from the exif or there is something wrong with the exif because many times I get really weird D/T's from some cams therefor it would be handy to have the local computer as a second option.

Secondsly and I think I may have mentioned this while beta testing that it would be great if you could add another button on the Media Organizer page to import files and put it next to the other two buttons (remove media/rename media)on the page rather than having to go to the file menu to do so. I think that would be easier for the not so computer literate users out there.

Just a few thoughts...
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By Chachoze
I havent had a chance to check out the latest build, my brother in law has the laptop with SA on it. He is learning how to import media sets for when he goes up north in a week or two, thats when I saw he a little difficulty with the two suggestions I made. I'll be sure to get the download when he returns...hopefully with photos lol
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By Chachoze

Thanks everyone!!

hahaha. Yes, that is a rather high reserve.... Wh[…]

Very nice photos, and stunning scenery.

A Perfect Example!