Use this forum to place requests for new features in Scouting Assistant. Please indicate what version you are on (includes "embedded" which ships with several manufacturers cameras)
Ability to tag pics that were missed in motion search or de-tag pics where no animals were present in motion search. This would allow the user to fine tune the motion frames.

Possible UI for this would be when deselecting "show motion frames" and you see one that should be added a button to "Add Motion Frame" or use of a right click to do this feature. Same would be for pics that need to be removed from Motion Frames.
I see. so what you want is a way to manually select the motion frames "tag" and/or add to the motion frames by being able to select/deselect the currently showing frame. In the end you would then be able to save the updated playlist of the motion frames.

I can probably accomplish this but it might be a couple of weeks before I can have it ready for you.

Good idea and thanks for the suggestion!
If possible add a hot key to use arrows to advance/go back each frame on the screen shot or a hot key to select/deselect motion frame would be nice or both. I use this for field scan and due to the size of turkeys at long distance motion scanning doesn't pick them up, however with this feature I can roll into the full motion video which is great. If this feature already exists just let me know. My last review was 9,000 + shots running every 5 min 3 shots from sun up to sun down. Sat, and had my turkey by 7:30 AM as they came out like clockwork from the woods. Wife was happy as I wasn't in the woods for days and I was happy as I had a fully belly!

Thanks for putting this into the release.

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