Use this forum to place requests for new features in Scouting Assistant. Please indicate what version you are on (includes "embedded" which ships with several manufacturers cameras)
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Anthony, It would be AWESOME if this software would convert the DXG videos to Black and White. As you know they have the pinkish hue to them at night. Imovie for Mac has a feature to convert the video over. I could sale a ton of this software to my customers if it had this feature. Just something to think about.....Thanks....Jim
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By Anthony
This should now be possible using the Video Adjustments [Saturation] and [Hue]. The changes are saved per video and will be used when creating videos from playlists.
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By Anthony
Here is an example of converting a video to black and white by reducing saturation in the video filters and saving he adjustments. I then produced a video with an original in color followed by the adjusted one. I also increased the brightness and contrast a bit too. I find this can help pull out some detail at times.
I really like this feature.I am always getting videos that just need lightened a little to see detail better.Works really well.Great job.
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