Use this forum to place requests for new features in Scouting Assistant. Please indicate what version you are on (includes "embedded" which ships with several manufacturers cameras)
not so fast, i paid for the pro version but i have not figured out whether i have it downloaded. it is hard to out dumb the dumbest. the summer newbies to scouting assistant will without a doubt set new lows when it comes to dumb.
When I upgraded, there was a link on the SA web page to purchase it as an upgrade I believe. It's been over a year now since I did it.
Yep, I just checked. It's still that way in the shop. You pick which one of the timelapse versions you are upgrading from.
Is there a link somewhere for this or do I have to pay full price to upgrade to the pro version?
I just cant seem to locate info this anywhere. Looks like I am now the dumbest one here....LOL
Here ya go, you will of course select the "upgrade from time lapse" option.

Hazel, if you paid for the Pro version then I beleive you should of gotten an email with a registration code in it. If you have this then you can simply download the program from here. When you run the install program that you downloaded you will get a registration page where you will need to input that code.
Chachoze, thanks for the link. That is the page I was looking for but could not locate. So now I have upgraded. Is it automatically emailed to me?

Does the program list the version he is currently using somewhere? Is it in the "help" tab? It shows build number but not the version.

A link to that upgrade page in SA would be helpful as well if it could recognize what version you currently have and allow an instant download once you have submitted your purchase. I am not tech savvy enough to know if that is doable.
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aaack. I am lost as I feared.
Too much to absorb for my mind. Exactly how do I upgrade after my purchase?
I don't even know what the pro version is gonna do for me that time lapse doesn't but what the hey....In for a penny in for a pound....LOL
If you are on any version other than the Pro, then the upgrade is is available to you at 1/2 the price of the Pro Full license.

If you are already installed, all you need to do is purchase the upgrade from the website. when you receive an email containing your upgrade license key. Perform the following.

Note: Assumes you have already installed and registered a "free" (or non pro) license.

Launch Scouting Assistant.
click Help | Register Product
Copy/paste the upgrade license key (starts with a "U") into the license key field.
Leave the Serial number empty.
Click Register.

Thats it. No need to download again. Keep in mind that the download/install is ALL versions. your license key unlocks the features applicable to that version. This is why you only have to install once.

Now when I come out with a new release I strongly advise you to download and install again to get the newest features (no need to uninstall)

Let me know if this is clearer.

Now if you just got a camera that comes with a free version, you can purchase the upgrade license but you MUST first register the free version BEFORE applying the upgrade license. It is two steps.

Upgrading should take 20 seconds once you receive the email with your new license key. also, remember that if you originally register using a camera serial number, do NOT input that when you are upgrading. Only input the upgrade license key.
aaack. I am lost as I feared.
Too much to absorb for my mind. Exactly how do I upgrade after my purchase?
I don't even know what the pro version is gonna do for me that time lapse doesn't but what the hey....In for a penny in for a pound....LOL

The "FREE" versions provide a simple subset of the motion processing features that are in Pro. all other features in Pro seperate the two.

Read here for bullets listing all Pro features:

Click here first:

Then click "download"

Depending on which browser you have the prompts may be different but you are now downloading/running the Install (set up). On IE click "Run" and "Yes" to allow it to install on your machine.

Finish the install dialog.

Double click or click the SA icon now installed on your computer. On first run it will ask you to Register.

Fill out the screen and input your license key -or- a valid camera serial number (available from certain manufacturers/models)

Note: when you purchase the Pro version or an upgrade the store front will send you a "shipping notice" with the License Key in it. You will not need to go wait by the mailbox for a package. You can use the procedures above and be up and running in a two minutes.

Let me know if this helps.
Anthony, thanks for taking the time to call me. It's been a long time since we last spoke.
Yes, I understand a lot better the install steps. I am just a tad slow on the uptake. I'm a visual guy. So reading and doing takes a lot more effort than being shown something.

Thanks again.

dumest to dumm as i thought i did not have the pro version installed i now do. it let me make a cuddie thing the default destination i finally got that to go where it is supposed to. [ the storage device. ]i know there is no way for me to get smarter but i halfway understand what i am seeing. i can only do tiny baby steps so i will have to recover before entering camera,s and all the other stuff.
you know if we could get ol arky to take this path with us, it would be like the hall of fame of dumb. :P
Anthony has done a great job of keeping the program simple to operate while adding in many user requested features. I even tested the program out on some people I know and these folks are the furthest thing from being computer literate and they were able to use the basics of the program without to much effort...

I'm sure you will get the hang of it in short order Haze...of course feel free to ask questions here as there are several experienced SA users here that can help.
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