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By Chachoze
Hey Anthony hows it going?
I just tried downloading the latest liscense free version if of SA but i am getting this warning from Norton.

Any thoughts? I am assuming you have disabled the liscense/registration server for SA as it is constantly reminding me it has not connected lately and is only giving me a few more attempts.
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By Chachoze
Thanks for responding, that's where I am downloading it from but every time I try Norton is telling me the download is not safe and it immediately deletes the download file. Its telling me there is a nasty file contained inside called WS.Reputation.1 ???
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By Anthony
This is because I would have to pay a $300/annual fee for a code signing certificate to avoid this. IMO I feel a bit like I am held hostage by companies like Norton.

However having software executables signed by a 3rd party certificate can help the average person avoid getting viruses. I can assure you there is no virus but it is up to you to decide.

I am not going to pay $300/year so Norton will not show this error. Its not fair. They have not scanned the file for viruses. They are just complaining about the lack of a code signing certificate. This is all.
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