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My wife and I use a TR-5 to capture video of the foxes that live out back.  In order to capture color video at night, we've installed a spot light over the area that we feed them.  The problem is the light sensor on the camera is not in the spotlight so it doesn't know there is enough light to go without the infrared/night mode (black and white).  I installed an LED over the light sensor to fake it out, and that works but it's not a good long term solution.  I then soldered in a switch to bypass the photoresistor (light sensor).  This works better (getting great video with no external parts), but it would be soooo easy for the designers to include an option in software to disable the night mode to solve this problem.  I don't have the manual for the TR-5 and can't seem to find one online, but I read through the TR-8 manual and it seems that model is missing this option as well.  If there is an easier way to resolve this issue please let me know.  Otherwise I would love to see this option added to a future release.
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