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By Woodswize
New to the forum, a wealth of information. Two questions. I have a WGI x6c camera that I never used due to an injury that year and it ended up in the back of the closet. I recently found it and want to use it. Can I expect it to operate correctly? This model was new in 2010. Also, I recently bought a WGI Rage 5 model 15D. I cannot find any info on this at the WGI site or your camera review. Any help on this will be appreciated.
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By robnj
x6c is a decent camera. great still shots day and night . some annoying blur .sensing is a little short. i liked mine when i had them.
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By Passingthrough
My X6C is still working and I like it. Good day pics but blurry at night. Little sensitive to moving objects, set sensitivity to low.
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