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By calde315
I have one of these cameras, it's a couple years old now. Looking to troubleshoot it. I downloaded the manual and got a replacement PIR lense from Johnny Deerhunter. Thanks again for that.

I read through the entire manual and reset the camera to factory specs. I put in new batteries, set everything up with correct date and time and such. It says that the left light should be turn red if the PIR senses a qualified event, and green when writing an image to the card. It doesn't do a thing.

EDIT as I'm writing this, I decide to stick it up to an incandescant light bulb to see if it needs to be warmer. Of course it shows a red light followed by a green one. PIR is set on low. The corresponding one picture it took was all black minus the info strip on the bottom.

Can someone please explain why this would happen and how to attempt to fix it? Little confused in reading about the PIR sensor. To me it sounds opposite of the setting, "Hi" isn't high sensitivity.

Hopefully I can get this figured out so it's not to go to waste.
By calde315
Johnny Deerhunter solved it. He sent me a PIR lens as mine was broken presumably from a buck tine as we had pictures of one right before it stopped working.

All is well now.
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