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By MNBuck
Ok well first off I know this is a cheap camera. That aside I did intended in it working properly. I have thrown Away the box that it came in but looked up what model it closest resembled at fleet farm and it came out to be the blade 6x 6Mp lights out model. So, the problem. Well I received this as a Christmas present last year and intended on placing it out in the woods to check and see what we have for local deer on our property. I had put it out there and immediately was shocked at how clear the day time pictures were even though I had it set at mid quality. The problem was once I scrolled through the first 3 I came upon a night picture which was totally black. It stated it was taken at 4:03 am 3 pictures were taken that night all about 6 min apart so something was obviously there. The same thing happened the next few times I checked it when it was at night and was thinking it was a fluke deal and I was gonna go out there for myself at night and walk in front of it. I saw the red indication light flash 3 times turn to green showing it had successfully took a picture but there was no flash at all from the camera. The things was though I went to check the camera same thing pure black. I kept moving closer and closer and it finally picked me up at like 2 feet away to where I could see it In pure darkness but look at it in light and you couldn't see it. Over the course of half a year or so I have had multiple " pure black photos" and only a few where a curious deer stuck there face in the camera and you would see an ear or eye. So, what I'm getting at is, do these cameras have a setting to intensify the flash setting? Or is this normal night time ability for this camera? Also, I was stupid enough to throw the manual once I got it set up and can not figure out if I can change the flash setting. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! :)
If you haven't done it already try a new set of batteries, after that I would contact the company.
Try installing brand new alkaline batteries. Also,you may try resetting the camera. On the wgi cams,there should be a reset button on the bottom where the batteries go. Sounds like either the leds arent firing or maybe a stuck ir filter.
I have replaced the batteries a number of times. About 4 to be exact. I'm wondering wether or not the alkaline vs lithium batteries will actually cause that much difference in flash power. I can't remember which batteries I have used ( the cheap ones) and don't know what type they are ( alkaline or lithium) so probably lithium because I think that is the cheaper one. Also I will go reset it today and get back to you on the night flash. It just really stumps me that it's powerful enough to get a view at like 2 feet and under but any farther and it is pitch black and you can't see even when your viewing the photo in total darkness. Which leads me to believe the flash isn't getting enough power to get the 20ft or what not advertised flash radius at night. Thanks guys keep the ideas coming!
Never mind the types of batteries I have used have been.... MANY Duracell Alkaline batteries ( the standard gold and black duracell battery which is alkaline) a few energizer batteries which im pretty sure are the energizer max batteries. And right now I have Kodak Max batteries in it. So, bassically i have tried three different brands of which none have been lithium. Also, I have never let the batteries get lower than two bars of battery of the viewing screen. So, basically i have never allowed the camera to get so low in battery life that would possibly make it malufunction and not be able to take night pictures. Once again though I am going to reset the camera today and check in about a week or so if there is any improvement. Thanks!
Sounds like the ir fliter is stuck, or leds aren't lighting up. Either way, contact customer service at wgi and ask for a replacement if still under warranty.
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