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By Dusty20
Looking for a little bit of help here. I got a Wildgame Innovations trail camera last year for a present, it was about 11 months ago. Being that it was a gift I did not get the receipt... come to find out now I should have asked. The camera works to take photos but the screen is broken, it is one of those blue backlit deals that show the selection on the screen but it looks like someone emptied a black pen inside of this screen. It still lights up and I see a couple things that are proper but it doesn't work and I cannot see if I am changing selectrions. I am stuck with the settings the camera had before it broke. I am terrified to change batteries or press anything for fear of accidentally losing the date and time and have this thing be for nothing more than just pictures with no data. How it broke... I have no idea, I have moved, its been boxed up, ridden in my coat pocket (never fell out), ridden in the truck on the seat, been in the summer heat no clue. I just know that one time I used it and the screen was good and next time I went to use it the screen was cracked.

I contacted Wildgame Innovations customer service to see if I could get it replaced - this did not help. If i do not have the receipt they cannot do anything about it. I contacted the person I got it from and they do not have the receipt, they contacted the place they bought it from and they cannot look it up. CS said the best they could do is replace it if I can find the receipt or show that the manufacture date is less than a year ago from when I first contacted them, I looked at the camera last night and the manufacture date is made of some water soluble ink on a sticker that is outside of the water seal so it looks like a big red smudge. Wildgame also does not sell any replacement parts or have a service department. I may be getting my attitude towards WGI customer service slightly skewed as well because it's easy to find people onliner that have had a bad experience with them.

I'm not sure how I should feel about this i'm upset at myself that I don't have the receipt but also feel like I am not getting a lot of great help from them either. If i had known I could use the manufacturers date I could have grabbed the camera earlier since it would have been right after it broke and possibly the manufacturers date would have still been intact and likely within the year. This thing retails for $180! although it is often onsale for around $99. I just want the thing to have the function it was supposed to have. For $99 I could have bought two cameras that simply take pictures which is all this one is capable of doing right now.

Sorry short end for a long rant, anyone have any broken WGI cameras that have this screen inside that is good (maybe the camera is broke or something) that I can take apart and replace in this camera?
I would try calling back and see if you get someone more helpful, also look on ebay and maybe you can find a broken one that has other issues.
By Dusty20
Thanks, I will try calling. I've emailed them a couple times and have gotten two different people. It seems that they are reading from the same book.

I have been trying to keep an eye out on eBay but so far can't find anything. I will keep looking though. Had someone on my state hunting forum direct me here. I will be sure to keep checking this place out to get the best info on new cameras.
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