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By Kane
Been a while since I have been on these boards, also a bit intimidating since I haven't kept up with technology lol...still using my old Cudde Capture and Stealth I590 :lol:

Anyway, I feel I am probably wasting everyones time but before I throw it out I have a WGI Crush 8 that was working just fine, actually with all the bad reviews and feedback on it I was quite happy with it as it has lasted close to 3 years, but now just the other day it quit working..the red light comes on for a few seconds but that is all I can get it to do. I tried different batteries, tried the USB, tried resetting it and also tried my best to answer my own question by searching google and here.

I'm sure it is a throwaway, but I thought I would ask if anyone was able to solve this problem. It never was a fantastic camera but it did work and it was good for putting places that it might get stolen.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/help.

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