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By rm_mn
This is a cheap scouting camera. It doesn't have a fast shutter speed so those deer that run by are blurred but it takes nice daytime pictures and the night pictures are acceptable, especially if the camera isn't too close to the animals. It seems to have a good sensor and the flash lights up quite a distance. Being a cheap camera means I can put it out where it might be stolen and not worry much. After all, who wants to steal a cheap camera.

I've used it in video mode but the long period of the lights on at night does spook the deer some. It does tell me what the deer are doing and when as each picture or video have the time stamp on them. For the $50 that I paid for mine, I have to give it a thumbs up. It claims to have a trigger speed of less than 1 second and from my use I believe it does.
By rm_mn
Update time. This camera continued to take nice videos didn't. Now when I turn it on the display show err and the camera no longer functions. Perhaps related, perhaps not, but when this error showed up on the camera, 3 of the SD cards in other cameras also became unusable. During the time these malfunctioned we had had a bad thunderstorm and I suspect that a close strike may be the cause. This is pure speculation.
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