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By breauxsc
Fairly new to trail cams, and just had a quick question that Im having a hard time answering with google- is there a easy way on the WGI cameras to either block or disable the sensor that detects day vs night? I essentially want the infrared flash to fire every time regardless of time of day- is there a way to easily do this? Weirdly enough I can find info on other cameras about the light sensor but have found nothing for this specific line of cameras (terra extreme series).

I think the only time this happens normally is when the camera is set off during dawn/dusk when the light is just dark enough to trigger the flash (see attached), but Ive also seen issues about over-exposed photos during this time as well.

Any other tips greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance- hope this hasn't already been covered in a previous post
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By FredG
Not all camera brands have an external light sensor but most do. The WGI manual doesn't specifically point one out, but if there is one it is the little window on the right front of the camera opposite the status light. Hold your thumb over that little window and force a picture to see if the camera goes into night mode. If so, just tape it off to force the cam into permanent night mode.

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