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By Bowhunter1188
#354306 I bought 5 of these cams last year. I took 3 out to test this weekend for detection range. 9 to 11 yards is all I could get in any of the 3. All batteries were at least at 85%. Does the warmer air in the mid 70s reduce the detection range this much? Very frustrating.
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By snakelk
#354307 I have a few of these cams as well, and although I haven't done any in-depth tests, they do seem to have a short detection range and also not a very wide range either. I discovered this while setting up the cam on a trail. Nevertheless, for $30, I'm very happy with the cams so far.

Maybe it's the way I have this camera aimed and the slope of the trail, but with critters coming down the path, it would trigger only when they were really close. The pic of the elk was the first of a three shot series. Same with the lone bull. The cougar was the second shot in a three shot series.
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By reaperman
#354311 One thing I noticed with mine (3) when I first got them is they seem to trigger better if the camera is placed lower on the tree than you would normally put a camera. I learned this at night by watching the red flash as I did some walkby's. At first I thought my cams detection range was short until I did the above.