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Hello Folks, I own SEVERAL PRIMOS PROOF trail cameras and I am CONSTANTLY getting DECODE ERROR boxes when I try to view my SD cards. I have contacted PRIMOS NUMEROUS times and have NEVER received any replay. Can anyone out there explain what that DECODE ERROR means? I have new SD cards and sometimes, if I have 50 images, I get that DECODE ERROR on more image boxes than I get images. The cameras were purchased within the last couple months. I have iother cameras but have never had the DECODE ERROR on them.

Bud Fields
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By Anthony
so you must be referring to what happens on your computer right ?

What program views the photos on your computer?

I have not seen that error specifically. What kind of computer? Apple or Windows ?
Hello Anthony… THANK YOU for your QUICK reply. I use one of those small WILDGAME SD card readers for "in the field" viewing and my home computer is using WINDOWS 10 and I have the IMAGE BROWSER that I have been using for several years for all my other trail cameras. The cameras are ALL new just purchased within the last few months and the SD cards are also fairly new. I have NEVER seen the DECODE ERROR message until just recently and it seems like the message is only on the PRIMOS cameras.

Bud Fields
YES SIR.. It occurs on the computer AND on the WILDGAME SD card reader that I use in the field. It will show photos and also a number will only indicate the DECODE ERROR. VERY CONFUSING.. THANK YOU for your assistance.
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By reaperman
I’d suspect the sd cards also, especially if their new. A lot of counterfeit cards have hit the market at popular places like Amazon and ebay. I have 4 proof cams and have yet to find a sd card they won’t accept.
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