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By rortt
Has anyone tried to change the DPS to a Turkey tracker? I assume this is just a firmware change, but Primos doesn't put up the firmware for these cameras. The Turkey tracker has a 60s delay option between pictures, and I would like that.


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By wacokid
does the dps system automatically turn the pictures into a movie ? can you program it to run 24 hours a day, assuming it was over a lighted area for security ?
By rortt
No, the DPS (nor the Turkey Tracker) do not turn the individual pictures into a movie. They are downloaded as a whole bunch of 1.3 MP jpgs; however, the included "At a Glance" software makes a movie rather quickly or you can bring the pictures into microsoft movie maker or Scouting Assistant (from what I am told). It isn't bad, but it's not great. It IS good enough for the $64 cost from Walmart (Bass Pro matched price). The software is definitely lowend when compared to plotwatcher, but it gets the job done.

Except for the picture interval, there is no programming of the camera. The camera comes on a little late in the morning (around 7:10 in MD, and sunrise is around 6:30) and it goes off in the evening around 7:15. I assume this is from a light sensor, but I do not know. The instructions do say that you should give it a couple days to adjust to the right wakeup and sleep times so I guess maybe it makes minimal adjustments as the days change, but I do not know. As people hunt in Alaska, I anticipate it would work in a 24 hr lit area, but I can not vouch for it.

$64 at Walmart (online; ship to store) or Bass Pro will match price with a printed page from the Internet.
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By Chachoze
As long as there is sufficient light it should continue to take photos. There is no way to change a DPS to a TT. I'm not certain but I dont think th TT has midday skip option in the programming but I could be wrong. There are no light sensors in the DPS and probably the TT as well that is the most likely reason for the morning delay.
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By dbaxter
Has anyone tried to change the DPS to a Turkey tracker? I assume this is just a firmware change, but Primos doesn't put up the firmware for these cameras. The Turkey tracker has a 60s delay option between pictures, and I would like that.



If you figure out a way to do that keep us informed; I too would like a 60s option rather than th 30s max.

By rortt
Some updates: I have been running two of these for a little over a week on the 30 s interval.

1. Morning time delay -- Has become much more accurate. Pictures are now being taken around 6:25 am which is officially before sunrise, but after nautical dawn.

2. Official response from Primos is that the DPS can not be firmware upgraded to the Turkey Tracker; however, this sounds piss poor as we know it is the same camera with different firmware. However, $65 is cheap enough not to expect anything more. The turkey tracker does have the 60s option, and is running around $100.

3. Software -- Definitely still an infant....It has locked up a couple times on me. I have not switched to just downloading and using Scouting Assistant or Microsoft Movie maker yet, but I am not far away. I have not tried to stitch a movie together using multiple days; however, it does not look promising.

4. Image clarity -- still 1.3MP so don't expect too much. However, clarity is pretty decent... everything is focused at 100+ yards. Don't expect to zoom in on anything at 100 yards, but you can definitely see what is happening.

5. SD Cards -- This seems to be fixed. I purchased 8GB Class 10 Sandisk Extreme Video SD Cards, and they are working fine. I had an old 2GB Kodak SD Card and that worked well also. Lastly, I tried a 8GB cell phone micro-sd in a full size SD adapter, and that worked well also. I did format all cards in the camera before use.

6. Since this started off as a thread to convert the DPS to a turkey tracker to obtain the 60s interval, some calculations below are based on the max interval of 30S.

Number of pictures a day: 1560 (13 hours of pictures a day right now)
Avg size of picture: 380K (range: 280K - 420K)

Amount of space used per day (Average): 593MB

8GB Card: 13 days (safe estimate). I would switch to 10 days between April - July to account for the longer days.

Batteries: Still too early to tell. Both cameras read full batteries, and they test like new batteries after a little over a week.
By kenfa04
I just ran a DPS for 30 days with 32 gig card and external batt. Over 44,000 pics with about half the card still available. Didn't check batt strength but it was still taking pics when I replaced the card.
By rat trapper
A lot of the new cams have a time lapse feature and I like that. Now you can run the cam in video, picture or time lapse mode depending on the situation. I wouldn't buy a cam for just time lapse.
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