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By Mjn1979
Go to Primos zendesk site.I think they have the firmware update their.
By Toad
I received an email the next day with the upgrade. Trying to get it to work tonight with no luck. Primos customer service is closed for the night. Anyone successful yet at upgrading their 35 ultra? I like the size and cost of this camera, but the blurry pictures really disappoint me. Hopefully the firmware upgrade will help.
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By jestwaitn
every primos ultra 35 or proofcam i ever bought is either dead or malfunctioning. they are crap.

every moultrie i bought still works. the 880 takes real good pictures. the other 3 are fair to good. 3 of the moultrie cameras have slow and very poor detection circuits. one is very hot and can only be set at 1 picture to keep the # photos to a reasonable #.

about half of the primos tc 35 & tc 46 cameras i ever bought still work and take fair to good pictures. these are the 2nd most reliable i have ever bought, but they take better photos on average than the moultries, except for the 880. they are also the oldest except for a wildgame.

the bottom line is that primos took a step backward in reliability with the ultra and proof cameras. i won't buy any more of these.

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