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By bowhtr1
Im sending my new cam back. I cant deal with no sound on video. I did a test to see how fast the video trigger is, so I jumped in front of the cam counting 1001, 1002, 1003 etc out loud and could not hear myself on the video. Sad. The video looked pretty good and the light at night was good. Contacted A1 and they are sending me a shipping label and will refund me the money. I will more than likely get another Stealth G42. This Primos cam could be a good one if they fix the sound. I dont like the SD card location either. I need needle nose pliers to get it out. :(
You would think video sound should be "mastered" by manufacturers by now. Sorry to hear of your problem. It's always a pain returning stuff and the downtime hurts. Good luck!
You'll need needle nose pliers to get the card out of the G42 Low Glow.
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