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By NantucketShedHunter
The feral cat trapping program here on the island was recently donated a Truth Cam 60. I was asked to help set it up for the people running the program. I've never owned a Primos. The camera is huge. About the size of a lunchbox. And it takes D batteries. It came with a solar charger, a 6 volt external and a charger for the external. I tested it in the back yard. Night pictures are actually very good. Day pictures are good as well.

My question is, does anyone know where the day/night sensor is on the camera? There are two lights on the front of the camera that light up green and red each time a picture is taken. I want to cover the lights up but don't want to cover the sensor too. I looked for the sensor in the LED array and it does not seem to be in there.

Here's a comparison shot of the Truth 60 and my Bushnell 466-

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By Chachoze
If I recall correctly there is no light sensor, lighting is determined by software. For example if you set it to multiple images per detect you may find the first image in the series is often different than the rest as it adjusts on the fly. It also means that you may experience whiteouts/blackouts at transition under heavy cover.

Surprisingly my TC60 Blackout is still going since 2011 I think, all our other TC's have since died off.
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By RR_Security
I think Chachoze is correct. I have a PDF of the instruction manual, and the only mentions of a sensor seem to be for the PIR. There are actually 61 "thingies" in the flash array, but none of them look to be a photosensor. (Maybe "Truth 61" didn't sound right to whoever came up with the name.)

I think other Truth 60 owners on CG taped over those "status indication lights" with no problems.
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By johnnydeerhunter
There could be a sensor behind the fresnel lens.
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By Chachoze
I just opened up one of my malfunctioning 46's and as suspected there is no light sensors. I blocked out those two leds on my 60 without issue.
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By NantucketShedHunter
Thanks guys. I'll tape over the lights. It looks like fireworks going off each time a picture is taken. Not sure why Primos would do that.
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By mattpatt
My original TruthCam 35 had the blinking lights. I taped over them with no problem.
By NonTypical
1 small solar panel is not enough to keep the camera running on the sla. the consumption is too high.
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