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By Cyrus747
if you like changing batteries a lot the Stealth 42 is for you! Never even got 6 weeks out of my last check...only had about a hundred photos mid way through.
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By Carphunter
Good to know. Honestly...ive moved to external batts for most cams cause i hate burning aa
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By jestwaitn
i bought one of the proof 03 cameras. not worth the money IMHO. i wonder why anyone would give this/these cameras favorable review(s)!

the detection range is far shorter than the original Primos TC 46 & 35 (not the ultra series) and there is a good bit of washout in the pictures in bright daytime. movement is blurred in daytime pics. haven't tried videos.

this is another average camera worth about $75. the game camera business has gone to, well - 'you know what' and it will be nice when someone starts offering an affordable camera at a fair price.

I am running a Code Black which is the same Cam an[…]

Beaver or Muskrat?.


Great Video !!!