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By Cornerhopper
Has been great for me! I have had to return 3 cameras within the last 1.5 years. 2 supercharged blackouts which I really like. 1 TC 46 ultra which I wasn't impressed with. Primos honored the 1 year warranty no problems, no questions asked! In 2 cases they sent me new in the box upgraded models free of charge! I now have the new supercharged HD blackout and the new Proof cam 02 thanks to their current return policy .

Primos reliability has always been a negative in forums. However, as with many I'm hoping there is an improvement with these new models. So far I'm having good luck with the Primos TC Ultra 46 HD models. Primos cams should be fine for anyone checking their cams regularly. If they suddenly stop working you shouldn't be out any money? Though it would be disappointing if you were using Primos in a remote location and checking the cams yearly. It may be wise to use non Primos cams in such a situation.
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By bowhtr1
i have always like Primos cams. I do video and I have to have sound with my videos and Primos just cant get that fixed. I had the Proof 03 and returned it because of the sound issues. I think the Proof 02 should be a good picture camera but the price needs to be under 100 bucks. I would love to see some night pics from the Proof 02 cam.
By Cornerhopper
I will be sure to post some soon! I read the trigger is fast on this cam!
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By snakelk
Primos customer service (Bushnell) has always came through for me too. Of course it would be ideal to not have to call on them in the first place, obviously. They even sent me a new Proof Cam 03 as a replacement for an older Supercharged Blackout (63039) that failed.

Seems Primos listens to feedback from customers as they've made some improvements on newer models (power switch, and I believe battery contacts).
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