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By merlin82+
I got some decent pics, and some others that make no sense. Daytime photos with very poor definition. One good night photo, the rest too dark to see anything. It might be that I have it too close to leaves on the trees, but I needed to have it concealed somewhat, it's in a woods that sees some traffic. In fact, one of the good pics is of a random person cruising by. These pics are from Monday afternoon, bright sun, very little wind. Let's see if I can attach them... or maybe I better go read the FAQs. Thanks in advance for any advice. I'll share more pics when I get better with this thing.
By merlin82+
A few pics are here:

First one is random guy - of course that one comes out fine.
Next one is 20 minutes later, I think I can make out the outline of a deer on the left side (all a dark shadow) - but why is that one so crappy looking? I can set it up to delay a bit longer B4 taking the shot, maybe lower the camera some, get it away from the leaves that might have kept random guy from seeing it. The night shot is probably crappy because of the leaves. Sound right ? Any other advice?
First picture looks fine. Second picture looks like either a bad SD card or the camera is struggling in the heavy canopy. And the third picture is a bad set up. Leaves in the way of the camera.
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