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By rm_mn
I just got a Primos Proof 01 and have done some testing in my yard. It seems to be quick on the video trigger and takes nice videos and triggers out to a fair distance. I have it out on a deer trail mounted with my Browning Strike Force to get a comparison of the trigger speeds and video quality as I usually do when I get a new camera. It was easy to set up.

Now the down side. By the time I had the batteries in I had broken off one of the tabs that should contact the negative end of the battery. OK, maybe that was my fault. I made a repair and did the testing, then went to remove the batteries and broke a second tab. That should never have happened. My other cameras don't have that problem as I change out batteries regularly. Some of them have tabs that are similar, some have a spring to make the contact.
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By bobcat

Now the down side. By the time I had the batteries in I had broken off one of the tabs that should contact the negative end of the battery. OK, maybe that was my fault.

That was not your fault. Primos knows they have a problem with the battery tab and I think they have changed the design. You might want to give them a call about it.
By rm_mn
Thanks for that info, Bobcat. I may do just that.

I had the two cameras out on the same tree with the Browning just above the Primos. Apparently only one deer came through and the Primos caught it as it was 3/4 way through the opening so I didn't get a good look at it. The Browning missed it completely.

Both cameras got me as I did a relatively close walk by, the Browning started taking the video before I was in the camera's field of view while the Primos seemed to start with my entry to the field of view. Neither caught me on the farther walk through. Walking directly toward the cameras, the Browning started taking my picture when I was still 20 yards away, the Primos started when I was nearly to the cameras. Primos takes daytime color videos at times when the Browning thinks it is still too dark and takes infrared videos. More testing is planned, this time in a more open area.
By rm_mn
Almost a year has gone by and I've had the camera out for quite a bit. Battery life is extraordinary, and daytime videos are nice. Night time ones are..... The setting I use is a 10 second video but the camera seems to have a mind of its own on that with videos ranging from 2 seconds long to 10 seconds. It also seems to miss deer....lots. Tracks in the dirt indicate 6 deer passed in front of it but I got one video. I don't think I would recommend this camera.
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By Cyrus747
Mine just died...just keeps saying the SD is full and seems to be on runaway mode. Tried photo and video and same results. Gave it a bang but nothing worked. Was a crap cam for me from the get go although a deer did put an antler through the sensor screen..2nd primos cam to die on me this year.
By rm_mn
My Primos Truthcam 01 finally died. Perhaps it wasn't to blame though. I had a battery that leaked which then ate one of the wires in two. I wired it up as an external battery pack and it will light up the screen but always shows "ADDSD". I'll blame that on the intermittent connection that was caused by the rotted off wire. That may have been to blame for some of its other idiosyncrasies too.
By RiverRat
I had a proof 2 that had the same problem. I took it apart cleaned all the battery acid out and put new wire I it to the battery tray and it is working again. Ben out for 3 weeks since I fixed it.
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