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By 70chevelle
So, I've been having a heck of a time at one of my camera locations. It's definitely the location because I've had multiple cameras there with a variety of issues, mainly user error :oops: Anyway, the latest issue was with my Primos Proof 01, Gen 2. It faces a cornfield and there's good activity. Last Saturday when I was changing the card, I realized that I left the camera on setup. :cry: Another week scrapped. I switched it off, then to setup to check the batteries, then to "on". When I pulled the card last night it had over 500 pictures. The bad part was that almost 1/2 were night pictures on last Saturday and Sunday nite and they were black aside from the glowing eyes. After those two days, I guess the filter worked out it's issue and the night pics were back. Something to worry about, give the cam a good rap on Sunday when I go back out, or ???

I hung a camera here in the spring. Went most of spring into summer with very few pictures with cameras going bad, cards going bad, leaving the cams in setup, batteries dying etc. It's been out for almost 6 months and I'd be surprised if I have 6 weeks worth of pics.
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By johnnydeerhunter
Any chance the batteries are getting low and causing the black night issues?
By RiverRat
Another thing you can do is hang the camera higher and angle it down. My belief is the sensor is getting a false reading and doesn't know when to activate the ir.
By 70chevelle
Pulled this weeks pics and no issues with the black night pics. I'll have to keep an eye on it, but hopefully it was a one time issue. Batteries are/were good and I'll keep an eye out on that relation also. My other PC1 is working flawlessly (knock on wood). Thanks for the suggestions!!!
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