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By Tinhorn
What is the difference between Primos Model 01 and Model 02
and what is the difference between gen 1 and gen 2

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By reaperman
I have a gen 1-02, and 3 gen 2-01's. The only difference I can see between them is the 02 has a camo front whereas the 01's are all green. From a functionality standpoint I can't tell them apart. In video mode, the gen 2's have a larger file size than the gen 1's. There may be a mega pixel difference separating the gen2's but I don't know. To me, for the money, the gen 2-01 is a bargin. There is still a $30 rebate on the 2-01 at Dicks if purchased before 12/31. I picked up two rebates there this fall making the final price $35 on one cam and $26 on the other.
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By Tinhorn
Thanx guys

I have 2 Models of #2 (gen 1) and a friend has a model #2 (gen 1)and a model #1 but don't know if 1 or 2 gen. He said Model #1's quality video is not as good as his #2 but that's all he know on the two. ( I never seen his video's on Model #1 yet)

Mostly I just wondered what Gen 1 & 2 's differences are. I thought maybe gen 2 fixed the Battery's terminal problem (both my terminal's needed to be fixed)
By Tinhorn
I got the Proof 1 gen 02 from "Dick Sports" a few weeks ago and here is a run-down I see between Proof 01 gen 03 & 02 gen 01

The distance to start record is about 75 feet (25 yards) on this one and
at a slow walk started recording while I was in the middle of the screen (video)

Difference Proof 1 Gen 02 to Proof 2 Gen 01

1) One thing is the Battery Terminals are replaced with "spring" type rather than flat terminals that break off easily. So that problem should be fixed.

2) Audio no better other Proof's - You usually never hear anything during video's -- I really hate that

3) the Video's on Proof 1 gen 02 don't have "second" subtitle when the video starts like Proof 2 Gen 01. Who cares that anyway

4) Both cams have same size of Width x Height now ( 1 280 x 720 pixels )

5) but there is a difference of Bit Rate between the two "Bit rate":
Proof 01-gen2 Bit rate = 22.0 Mbps -- Proof 2-Gen1 = 5,573 Kbps. This mean video quality might be better but I don's see much difference

and that made the file length on Hard drive way different
(800,860 kbs compared to 21,750kbs of Proof 2 with a 30 second video)

NOTE: due to Bit rate difference, it takes 15 seconds to download from the memory card from Proof 1 gen2 and Proof 2 gen1 only takes 4 seconds (30 second video)

Video Properties:

Proof 1 Gen 02
Format : JPEG (AVI extension)
Codec ID : MJPG
Duration : 30s 0ms
Bit rate : 22.0 Mbps
Width : 1 280 pixels
Height : 720 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 16:9
Frame rate : 30.000 fps
File size : 98.1 MiB (100,497 KB)

Proof 2 Gen 01
Codec ID : H264 (AVI extension)
Bit rate : 5 573 Kbps
Width : 1 280 pixels
Height : 720 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 16:9
Frame rate : 30.000 fps
File size : 21.2 MiB (21,757 KB)

Motion JPEG (M-JPEG or MJPEG) is a video compression format in which each video frame or
interlaced field of a digital video sequence is compressed separately as a JPEG image." target="_blank" target="_blank\
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