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By reaperman
Just a heads up to other users of this model camera. I have three of these units and I like them. However, on two occasions with two of the cameras they didn't take any pictures when activated. They both indicated they were ready for use but didn't write pictures when activated. The first time it happened was early winter and I blamed the cold weather. But now it happened again last week. I haven't ruled out a sd card issue but I don't think its that. When setting I would insert the card and it would indicate a card wasn't in the camera. A couple of cycles and it would recognize and work again. But on some occasions it would show its ready but still wouldn't write. I found the easy way to check if its going to work properly is to keep the door open after activating the camera and wave my hand in front the the lens. Inside the door there is a small green light that illuminates when its taking a photo. No need to turn off the camera to see if the photo counter is registering photos.
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By reaperman
Update: When checking one of my proof 1's yesterday the camera had the same issue, no pictures. I tested the batteries which showed 1.35 volts, and the battery meter on the camera showed 70%. I replaced batteries and inserted the Kingston 2gb card, it still wouldn't write any pics. I tried another sd card, a Kingston 8gb, still wouldn't write. I then inserted a Sandisk 8gb card and bingo, success. I will format the Kingston cards to see if that is the issue. I've been using these Kingston cards for years between various cameras without any issues. But I've seldom formatted them either.
By Tinhorn
Mine all my SD's are Sandisk and haven't had that problem but my friends have that same problem (but I don't know his brands) We both have Primos 2-1 and 2-2 so I bet you found the problem his, thanx

The only my cams have the "No CD" and, like you said, Format (not Quick) fixed then, thanx you again LOL
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