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By picdic
mods, I think I put my tcam threads in the wrong forums. they should be in the "trailcamera pictures" thread I think, instead of the spypoint, Moultrie, etc threads.
feel free to move them if you choose.
By picdic
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I was careful to trim branches and grass that would possibly trigger the cam with the wind. I knew there would be lots of snow up here, and I placed this cam under good branches for protection from the snow. but, I didn't think of the heavy snow build-up sagging the branches down in front of the cam. new note-to-self for next winter.
By picdic
here's the latest batch of pics and videos from my force-11D. I have 3 cams set up in the same area, there's a huge buck in there that I saw. the spypoint was clearly set up on the hottest spot, so much traffic in front of it. that buck walked by numerous times, and some silly deer even came and walked right up to the cam and stood there, probably even touched it.
enjoy the results.
By picdic
…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………...yup, that's it, NOTHING. it captured me instantly, every time I went by. never misses me at all. but once again, this darn cam seems to think deer are invisible. not one single trigger, and the deer were all over in front of it, the tracks are clearly there in the snow. I was so excited when I walked up and saw all the action in front of the cam, happy as hell that I finally got that buck on camera. then once again, with this cam, was quickly extremely disappointed and pissed. it's easily my LEAST dependable cam by far. sure, it gets extremely great battery life, it's insane actually. and yes, it has one of the fastest trigger speeds on the market. but what good is any of that when it doesn't trigger, period? I was expecting to be disappointed anyway, knowing the deer were likely passing by mostly at night, and this cam is horrendous with night pics/videos. my fingers were just crossed that the deer, or at least the big guy, might have moved through during the daylight as well, as he's cruising for does. instead, I had lots of me setting up the cam and leaving, then me showing up to check the cam. but it would maybe be a great cam for taking daytime selfies of yourself, I suppose.
By picdic
Since the camera gets you and not the deer it must be the aim. Can you adjust the aim and try it again?

nah, it's a perfect set-up. the deer tracks are literally everywhere in front of it, walking back and forth. and a couple even walked right up to the camera. it's set to video, so it should have caught everything. I walked in the same paths as the deer did, and it picked me up every time I went by. and there's nothing blocking anything either, it's on a tree at the back edge of a cutblock, with nothing in front of it. and it doesn't get any direct sun either, as I positioned it for that. this isn't the first time the cam has done this. there's been other times when it's clear that deer have walked by, and the cam didn't trigger. yet captured me when I walk that same path.
so it's not the aim, it's not the sensitivity, it's not the flash, it's like it just doesn't sense a deer. it has captured deer before, but not often by any means. and I just moved it to this new spot, along with my recon too. they were both set up at a lower area, and there, they were set up about 100 yards from each other on the same trail. the recon has deer, coyote, birds, cattle, all regularly. and they are clearly continuing down the same direction and should have passed right by this cam also. but each time I checked the cam, nothing at all, except me walking by, or checking the cam.
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By FredG
You're taller than the deer. If it trips on you and not the deer then you probably need to tip the cam down a bit for it to "see" the deer. There is no guarantee that a camera's PIR sensor is perfectly lined up with the imaging sensor.
By picdic
not that either. I jam a branch behind the lockbox at the top, to have a more downward tilt to all my cams. it's not like it is at shoulder height and pointing upwards or straight out. they are always aimed more downward. my recon is picking up coyote walking by, they are a lot shorter.
i'll crawl in to the cam next time to fully test that though. but I know it's not that.
By picdic
spypoint_11D_F_420_grande.jpg (16.58 KiB) Viewed 1373 times

sensor is placed at the extreme bottom of the cam, whereas the lens is near the top.

so it should definitely not be an issue. and, the cam isn't new to me, so i'm very familiar with how it works and aims. definitely this is not the issue.
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By reaperman
You need to place another camera close by to so it can watch the spypoint and whatever walks in front of it. That way you can find out if its illuminating at night and not writing the photo to the card. I had a bushnell do the same thing when the batteries tested good but in the real world they weren't good enough to flash and write at night. During the daytime it would take and write photos no problem.
By picdic
my last set-up, I did just that. put out some salt, set up the spy straight across from the pile, then also set up my recon-force off to the side, watching the salt pile and the spy. it would be a great set-up and test for everything. except the deer didn't play along. all the deer had already vacated the area, moving back up to higher ground as our winter has been crazy warm. just like last year, the weather did the same around the middle of November and all the deer vamoosed. so when I was in there last, I pulled all the cams out. going to go get them all set up for the rest of the winter in another area.
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