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By Chick
I received a Link Micro camera last year at Christmas. Used it during turkey season, and it worked a month without problem, then it quit sending pics. Brought it home, where I knew it could get signal, and it did the same thing. I bought a second one, and it did not work out of the box. Got hold of Spy Point. Well, he claims the sd card is corrupted in one, and that the Sim card is corrupted in the other. It is strange that one camera has a Verizon Sim card and the other has an AT&T Sim card. He said it didn't matter, as it just sent to the Deep East Texas, where AT&T and Verizon does not have overlapping coverage. Anyway, the new camera I took back for an exchange, and I have my fingers crossed. One friend was having trouble, and he hooked a 12 volt 7AH feeder battery to the external jack, and he has not had any trouble since. So, it may be that they at very voltage sensitive. Has anyone else had positive results with these cameras?

By Chick
I formatted a new Micro SD card, and the first camera started working. The camera I exchanged is working. It has a Verizon SIM card on it. We'll see how they work in Deep East Texas tomorrow.
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