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quite a difference in the blocks. blue - cobalt, red - iodized, brown - trace mineral, white - plain salt. I have read somewhere that they each were for specific uses/needs. I've also read, and this was my experience as well, that the deer actually preferred the ground with the slat now absorbed into it, over the actual solid salt sitting there.
where I live, all the ranchers release their cattle up onto the public lands in the spring and gather them in December again. so there's the blue salt blocks all over out there, for the cattle to use as they please. I have paid attention to them over the years, and have never noticed any sign of deer using them.
I bought a brown block a couple years ago. busted it into a few smaller-sized chunks. it hasn't pulled any deer in.
I can't really use salt though, not until almost the very end of the season anyway. all it does is bring in the dang cattle .
Just as an update, my neighbor puts out plain white salt blocks for the deer (he doesn't allow hunting) and they disappear over a year's time. Lots of traffic, does and bucks, but mostly does and fawns. So I decided to put out the brown blocks with trace minerals a couple months ago. I cut it into 4 cubes and put them out in front of cameras. I got a good mix of does, fawns, and bucks. Then we got a lot of rainy weather and what wasn't eaten melted into the ground. Now there are holes in the ground where the deer have been digging for it. So I got another brown block and cut it into 4s and will put them in the same places when I can get to it.
The deer really hit the brown blocks when I put them out, makes me wonder if they were craving the trace minerals. So I would say the deer like the brown better in my area, but I agree that the brown blocks melt quicker than the white ones in the rainy weather.
My Friend gave me a Salt Block and you can tell what the Bobcat think about it (it was a video)
My Friend gave me a Salt Block and you can tell what the Bobcat think about it
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