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By reaperman
After the first season of placing a plain vine without any scent attractant whatsoever hung over deer trails, or just in the area where deer frequent gave some positive results. I added sample videos from recent activity with the vines. First off, these vines were just any old vine cut from the woods and simply wired or fastened above to hang down approx 5' off the ground, nothing specific. The vines were initially placed early to mid summer. Almost immediately it seems deer had a hard time walking past without giving the vine some sort of attention. As the summer progressed, I believe more and more natural deer scent was applied to the vine. Fast forwarding to the present, the vines appear to become a staple in rutting activity. All of the vines in the videos are from three different locations. Two locations separated by 50 miles in Minnesota, and a the remaining in South Dakota. I added the South Dakota videos which belong to my friend who bow hunts there. He has at least 5 Lookout cameras in SD all of which are monitoring areas where he placed vines. Interestingly, everywhere a vine was placed this summer is accompanied with a buck scraping directly underneath it. What surprised me was everything ever said about scrapes, is whitetails only scrape under live branches. I'm not saying that isn't true, but rather there seems to be an exception to this rule. From the vines placed on my property, I can honestly say the bucks preferred to scrape under the vine over a live branches only a few feet away. I added only one video of a doe licking a vine. Whereas, I could have added countless videos from over the summer and recently. I'm sure the does licking the vines all summer long is what attracts the bucks to the vine in the first place.

I recommend anyone placing a vine near your favorite hunting spot, especially bow hunters. Anything that gets the deer to stop and distract itself is exactly what any bowhunter needs. Its simple, inexpensive, and appears to work well..

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By reaperman
I was going to try rope first. I kept one outside all last winter into the summer and it still stunk. Vines are natural and plentiful and they work awesome without any scent. I was going to keep adding videos to this thread, perhaps I still will when I have time. Between me and my friend we have countless vids of nice bucks going crazy with the vine. In my friends case, he made a homemade tree from a telephone pole and tree branches and erected it in South Dakota where trees are scarce. Hung a vine, and the deer love it.
Here is a video of the fake tree.
I probable should have put this thread in the picture/video section for more exposure. I believe its good info to pass on to anyone who hunts.

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By dbaxter
Good stuff! :D
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