Please make any announcements here related to personal concerns, health issues, etc.
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By Roscoe
Health issues have run in the family this year I guess....

My mom had a heart procedure over the summer and that went pretty well. She also had triple fusion surgery on her back this summer. I spent a pretty good spell at her house helping her to get moving around again. She seemed to be on a slow but definete upswing with her back in the months since the surgery, but 2 or 3 weeks ago she started having severe pain again. An MRI revealed nothing to be concerned with, but regardless severe pain is severe pain. It got to the point where she could no longer stand up or sit down right before Christmas. She was pretty much bed ridden. With the help of some strong perscriptions I was able to get her to the hospital on Thursday for a steroid injection in her back. So far it has seemed to help. The idea seems to be to get her to a place where she can have phsyical therapy. We will know in the next few days if the shot accomplished that I guess. I live about 100 miles from her and have been burning up the highway the last few weeks trying to balance work and looking after her as best I can. It's hard seeing your mom in so much pain and being effectviely bed ridden. She's only 71, so she should have a lot of years left in her. I only pray that they can be quality years. I'd appreciate any prayers y'all could send our way...

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By Ol Arky
Pryayers from Arkyville for ya and ya mom, Ross....
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By backroads
Hope she can get to where she needs to be!
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By robnj
Prayers for the family for some Christmas healing.
By dhunter
I'm thankful u love your Mom so much & I pray that The Lord comforts her & uses your love & all the Prayer Power 2 lift her spirit & heal her pain. B blessed!
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By bobcat
Prayer sent! I know what she's going through and her pain is probably much greater than mine. I have arthritis in every joint of my body. It got so bad I had a pain pump installed which has helped considerably. I pray that your mom can find relief for her pain.
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By rgilley
Prayers lifted for your mom, you and the family. Good Luck
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By johnnydeerhunter
Thoughts and prayers to your mom and your family Ross
By SportsmanNH
Prayers for your Mom sent from our family to yours Roscoe
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By Roscoe
Thanks guys. I really appreciate it. I talked to her tonight and she didn't sound like she was doing very well. I think I'm going to head back up there after work tomorrow and check on her.
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By dbaxter
Hoosier prayers sent. Hope she starts doing better very soon!

By Big JohnP
Thoughts and prayers sent from us also. :(
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