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By johnnydeerhunter
A good friend of mine, Daryl, had a fall from a treestand in early December. He's been recovering well at home but found out the other day that he had a blood clot between his brain and skull that was going to require an operation to remove. I'm waiting to hear how it went but any prayers you could send his way would be greatly appreciated.
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By ClayPeacock
Prayers sent for Daryl and his family.

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By Ol Arky
Prayers for ya friend and his family sent from Arkyville.
By SportsmanNH
Prayers sent to Daryl and his family

Praying for his speedy and full recovery
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By rgilley
Prayers sent...good luck to him
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By Mjn1979
Prayers sent to Daryl and family.
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By johnnydeerhunter
Thanks for the prayers everyone. I hadn't heard from him at all after the surgery so decided to just go to the hospital, no cell phones allowed in the section of the hospital where he is. He's doing well and even got up and walked around a bit. Has about a 4" row of staples in his head where they put everything back together, looks like a big zipper.
By Big JohnP
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