Please make any announcements here related to personal concerns, health issues, etc.
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By johnnydeerhunter
Ross's mom is having a pacemaker installed today, last I knew Ross's heart rate was up because they hadn't taken her in for the procedure and were already an hour and 45 minutes behind. Sending some prayers your way buddy.
By dhunter
GOD's Presence & Peace b with her.... Prayin!
By SportsmanNH
Prayers from our family to yours Roscoe buddy

Praying the procedure goes smoothly without complications for your Mom
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By Roscoe
Thanks folks. They took her back about two hours behind schedule. I think she had toast and juice for breakfast this morning. That's all they told her she could have. So by 7:30 this evening she was tired, starved, and irritated with how late they were running. She's been back there about 40 mins. Should be done by 9. Thanks for the thoughts & prayers.

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By bobcat
Prayers for your mom and your family! My cardiologist says I'm going to be a candidate for one soon.
By Big JohnP
Thoughts and prayers sent your way.
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By Roscoe
Thanks everyone. Doctor says procedure went well. They got her back in a room for the night and I'm back home. Doctor was optimistic that the pacemaker was going to fix her up. This is her 5th heart procedure in the last 4 yrs. She had 4 ablations prior to this. Between all this and a couple of back surgeries in the last year, I know she has not felt very well for a long time. Hopefully things will start to improve for her.
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By iceman10
Glad to hear she came thru alright Roscoe! I hunted and ice fished with a buddy of mine that had 7 stints and a pace maker for many years . Hope she keeps fighting and gets to feeling better!
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By Ol Arky
I'm glad things went well and orayers from here to ya'll...
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By dbaxter
I ain't been on in awhile, but glad to hear she is doing good. Late hoosier prayers sent your way.

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