Please make any announcements here related to personal concerns, health issues, etc.
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By NantucketShedHunter
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By Roscoe
No idea. I emailed him probably a month ago and I've had a pm sitting in my outbox for at least that long. I have not seen him around anywhere.

Anybody have any personal dealings with him where you could check on him?
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By dbaxter
Hopefully he is just too busy hunting to post anything right now. :?:
Indiana deer season closes Jan 4. I still have a very small chance to get a deer in the freezer this year! :)

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By Ol Arky
The PM I sent him is now in my sent box too but I haven't heard from him....
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By NantucketShedHunter
The guys were asking about him over on that other site. No response.
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By NantucketShedHunter
Looks like he's back.
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By Ol Arky
Glad to see ya're ok and back with us... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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By Basinger
Thank you sir. And I hope all has been well with you guys. And everyone had a great season this year.

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