Please make any announcements here related to personal concerns, health issues, etc.
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By Roscoe
I would appreciate y'all's prayers this morning as my uncle is undergoing triple or quad bypass surgery right now. They are about an hour into the procedure with another 4-5hrs to go. Thanks!

A pic of my uncle Arnold from several years ago.
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By johnnydeerhunter
Glad everything went well, prayers sent for a speedy recovery.
By SportsmanNH
Glad to hear he is out of surgery so the healing will start.

Prayers sent for him to have many more years and many more bucks like that ahead of him .
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By bowhtr1
Glad to hear he is doing ok. Prayers sent.
By dhunter
Prayin 4 quick recovery & 4 all family!!!
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By Roscoe
Thanks all. Uncle seems to be doing pretty well. We had a family vacation planned for several months, so the wife and kids and I are in Virginia this morning. My aunt & uncle were originally supposed to join us for a family reunion in NC next weekend.

Talked to my aunt and they pulled all his "drain" tubes out this morning. They are hoping/planning to move him from ICU to regular room this afternoon. So all in all, I think it's going as well as can be expected.

Thanks again all!
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By bobcat
Glad the surgery went good! Prayer sent for a fast recovery.
By speed2spare
My thoughts are with you and yours. Hope it continues to go well.
By speed2spare
That there is great news.
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By Ol Arky
Just saw ya post and ya got prayers from Arkyville.... Hope the healin' and recovery goes fine... I had my bypass surgery (think they told me 6 bypasses) in April 2002 and was elk huntin' in Colorado October 2002... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: So I figure ya uncle can be back at it this fall...
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